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About myPAT

Q1. What is myPAT?

myPAT, powered by Edfora is an online platform for learning through assessments for students aspiring for various competitive exams and school annual/board exams. We help students throughout their academic journey by equipping them with extensive prep test series and in depth analytics to identify their improvement areas. myPAT builds actual exam temperament and ensure remedy to success in association with premier content partners like FIITJEE and USA UnivQuest

Which all exams does myPAT assist?

myPAT assist

  • NTSE Stage I and Stage II for Class IX to X
  • JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITSAT and KVPY for Class XI to XII

Q2. How is myPAT useful for students?

As a student, you can:

  • Set your academic goal to achieve learning milestones
  • Practice and understand fundamental concepts
  • Gain insights on your performance through in-depth analytics
  • Build exam temperament and become exam ready
  • Access detailed solutions and discuss your doubts in discussion forum
  • Get the latest notifications of the upcoming exams
  • Bookmark the questions that you find worth discussing or interesting

Q3. How is myPAT different?

myPAT provides valuable insights that saves time and efforts to improve efficiency. In-depth analytics of the student’s performance helps to strengthen fundamentals. Some of the distinctive features of myPAT are:

  • Question bank, developed exclusively for myPAT by FIITJEE faculty, containing more than 85,000+ unique questions
  • In-depth analytics of student’s performance identifying weaknesses and scope for improvement
  • Pattern Proof Learning - To strengthen fundamentals to insure success varying exam patterns
  • Simulated test environment to develop exam temperament
  • Convenience to attempt tests anytime, anywhere

Getting Started

Q1. I am new to myPAT; how do I start?

To start with myPAT, you need to register yourself and post that you can access your Dashboard, attempt Diagnostic test and also avail your free combo product.

Q2. Can I avail free test before any purchase?

Yes, myPAT provide a free Diagnostic test to benchmark your current performance for the targeted exam. A detailed assessment report gets generated, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You can avail Diagnostic test by simply registering on our website.

Q3. What are the advantages for FIITJEE students?

All FIITJEE students get a Combo Product which comprises of all test series relevant for their Target Exam. Free Combo Product and its schedule can be availed post registering with FIITJEE Enrollment Number and Web Access Code.

Q4. From where do I get Enrollment number & Web Access Code?

At the time of registration, FIITJEE provides unique Enrollment number and Web Access Code mentioned on your FIITJEE ID or Fee Receipt. In case you are unable to find these; get in touch with your respective FIITJEE Centre.

Q5. What facilities can I avail after activating my product?

Once you have activated your product, you can attempt different tests – Concept proficiency Test, Part test, Combined test and Full Test papers. Additionally, you can access the analytics of your current performance amongst other myPAT peers at granular as well as overall level.

General Queries

Q1. I want to retrieve my password as I have forgotten it.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request for a password reset. Click on Forgot Password below the log-in widget, in the bottom left and you will receive your user details on your registered email ID.

Q2. I want to contact Customer Support

myPAT support team is available 7 days on chat or call from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Alternatively, you can email or leave your message in Contact Us by submitting your details.
Email ID: support@mypat.in
Phone Numbers: 18001210206 (Toll Free)

Q3. I left my registration incomplete last time? Should I register again?

No, you are required to login with your same email ID & password. You will be redirected on the last visited page from where you can proceed further with registration.

Q4. I want to know different types of test available on myPAT

Below are the different types of tests available on myPAT:

  • Diagnostic Test
  • Concept proficiency Test
  • Main Test
    • Part Test
    • Combined Test
    • Full Tests

Q5. I want to know the System requirements for myPAT

  • Browsers with mentioned or higher version – Chrome 31, Firefox 26, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet connection speed of 512 KBPS or above, not below speed of 256 KBPS

Q6. Does myPAT offer any crash courses or online lectures?

No, but we have this in our feature list in future.

Q7. Can I download myPAT tests to refer in the future?

myPAT does not permits you to download questions / test papers. You need to attempt them online which will generate the analytics.

Q8. Who are the faculty/ teachers preparing practice tests for myPAT?

Test papers and world class content on myPAT have been designed by premier institutes FIITJEE and USA UnivQuest faculty with strong subject matter expertise in the field of JEE, SAT, BITSAT and NTSE.


Q1. I want to login with Facebook or Google +

If you are registering on myPAT for first time (via either options - Facebook, Google+ or Email)

You can register with Facebook or Google+ account also. Simply click on “Register” and then “Continue with Facebook” OR “Continue with Google+” accordingly.

If you are already registered with your email id

If you want to log in with Facebook or Google then firstly you have to connect your social accounts in your myPAT profile.

To add to social accounts in myPAT profile:
  • Log in with your registered email id
  • Go to your Profile
  • Click on Social accounts and connect.
Please do not register again with your social accounts.

Q2. I forgot my password, How to login myPAT account?

If you forgot your password, we can send you again over mail.

To know your password:
  • Request for “Forgot Password” from login widget.
  • Check your inbox for an email to get your myPAT password.

Q3. Email ID already Registered

If it says email ID already registered, you can then login with your old email ID. Try logging in by typing your email address and possible passwords you might have used. OR, click on “Forgot Password” to know your password on mail.

You can also try login from Facebook or Google+ if registered id is same in both the accounts or if you had connected your social accounts in your myPAT profile.

Q4. You can’t remember your email ID

Try searching for your emails IDs or if you’re connected to Facebook/Google+, just login with these. If you are still unable to log in then contact our support team with your enrolment no. to recognise your email ID

Q5. I am a FIITJEE user, how to I log in with my enrolment no.

Register yourself on myPAT with your email ID and then add your FIITJEE enrolment no. and web access code in your profile under Partnership institute section.


Q1. In case I am unable to attempt a test due to a bad internet connection, what do I do?

We suggest you to attempt the test later, in case you are experiencing a bad internet connection or a bad network from your end. Your efforts will not generate the analytics until you submit the test successfully.

Q2. When I try to attempt a test, I am asked to activate my product or purchase. How do I do that?

You need to activate your product first by updating your Enrolment Number and Web Access Code provided by FIITJEE centre.

Q3. I can’t access the test even after getting my combo product being a FIITJEE student.

Tests will go live according to their schedule dates and will be visible after going live only. View the schedule of all the tests under “My product” section in your dashboard.

Q4. I am travelling abroad in some days. Will I be able to access myPAT from any other country?

Yes, you can access the test papers from anywhere across the globe.