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About myPAT


myPAT, powered by Edfora is an Online Platform for Learning through Assessment, Analysis and Identification of Improvement Areas. It facilitates:

a) Learning for the test preparation of annual/board examination in school and
b) Practising concepts tested on various competitive examinations at school level

The main exams are:

  • NTSE Stage 1
  • NTSE Stage 2
  • JEE-Advanced
  • JEE-Mains

myPAT empowers you to

  • Set your academic goal to achieve learning milestones
  • Become proficient in subject concepts
  • Build exam temperament and readiness
  • Benchmark yourself amongst the top range of successful aspirants

You can

  • Take appropriate Subject Concept Proficiency Tests, Full and Part Online Test Series for various competitive exams like NTSE Stage 1 and 2, JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced, and BITSAT
  • Experience simulated test environment.
  • Gain insights through in-depth analytics
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Benchmark your journey towards your academic goal

myPAT focuses on knowledge & application, gap identification and remedy to ensure high learning outcome and success in competition examinations.

myPAT has partnered with market leaders of content for test preparation and concept proficiency.


myPAT - My Performance Analysis Test is a unique service that enables students to test their concept proficiency in every subject, and evaluate their capacity to perform amongst students not only across India but also globally. Experience an innovative test preparation method using personalized learning techniques.
myPAT equips students with smarter ways to learn and prepare for their career milestones. Part and Full Test Series of various examinations for students of class 6th to 12th solidify preparation for competitive exams. Students must follow a mechanism that should test their preparation periodically and give them means of practicing the learnt concepts. This would enhance their competitiveness and bring them closer to their desired goal.

Test series comprises of the concept, chapter, subject, and the sample tests. These provide the specialized practice for the target exam. Concept test will help the student firm the grip on every concept that eventually helps to achieve the desired academic goal.

myPAT will provide comprehensive performance analysis, which covers

  • Your performance among other performers and graphical representation of your marks in each subject
  • Your Coverage Index
  • Microanalysis on each concept that is covered on the test
  • Remedies for improvement in the concept that enhances the scores
At myPAT there is a dedicated team of experts who work day in and day out to create content for the aspirants. This content is then validated by experts in pan India offices and reworked upon in case of any discrepancy. High quality content is the spine of myPAT on which teachers with wealth of experience and subject command burn their midnight oil.
Testing patterns of various competitive exams are dynamic. The key take away from the tests is to practice each concept in the learning mode and the test mode. myPAT prepares students in a fundamental way. Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts & practicing persistently with all types of problems will always outperform examinees, who are only confining their preparation to the pattern rather than understanding the concepts.
myPAT facilitates preparation for various exams in the form of Concept tests, Chapter tests, and Subject tests. These tests must be taken in learning mode first in order to gain expertise over the concepts and then practice in the test mode to check one’s readiness for the actual exam. Each learner is assessed keeping in view his/her academic goals, performances, improvement areas and success potentials to ensure that he/she maximizes his/her potential to attain success.

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