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Going Back To Our Roots

In ancient India, the guru would live with his shishyas for months. This ensured success as the guru understood individual strengths, weaknesses & goals of each student.

Inspired by this highly successful & personalized tutoring methodology, we inculcated the Gurukul's philosophy into all myPAT products and improved test scores of thousands of students.

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  • Akitav Sharma
    Math Teacher

    myPAT has streamlined online preparation for various competitive examinations without compromising on the quality of services offered. The study material on offer is well researched and pattern-proof and the question bank for concept-wise practice and full length mock tests is exhaustive. This portal is an invaluable companion for students preparing for online examinations, as it provides extensive exposure to the online testing platform.

  • Parth Raina

    I was amazed with the number and variety of practice papers on myPAT. My first practice test, a short concept test of about 30 – 40 minutes, shocked me when I got a detailed test report within seconds. It had, by its analytics, the concepts where I went wrong, the time I took for each and every question and compared my results with all those who had given that test. I would advise juniors to use myPAT judiciously. Finally, I would like to thank myPAT for enabling me to realize my true potential and helping me to succeed at NTSE.

  • Umama Alim

    I came to know about myPAT with less than 6 months to spare for NTSE Stage – I. Though NTSE is purely based on NCERT, there is huge gap between what is taught at school and what does NTSE demands, and myPAT helped me bridge the gap. It provided many time-bound tests and helped me assess my cumulative and relative performance. Thanks to myPAT, I have been able to achieve my first milestone, and now it is my companion to achieve my main target – JEE 2018.